1. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! We stand behind our product and are deeply committed to ensuring our customers are satisfied. We offer a 30-day risk-free trial money-back guarantee. We want to make sure you are happy, so if for any reason you aren't completely delighted with your purchase within those 30 days, please feel free to return it for a full refund, no questions asked. We kindly ask that customers handle return shipping. For a smooth return process and more details, please refer to our Return and Refund Policy.


2. What are some of the benefits of wearing the SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector?

  1. Comprehensive Posture Enhancement: The SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector actively works to pull back your upper back to its rightful position, resulting in a holistic improvement of your entire body posture, be it during work or everyday life activities.

  2. Immediate Posture Rectification: Its easily adjustable dual strap design offers a swift posture correction, allowing users to stand and sit much straighter and reduce slouching from the very first wear.

  3. May Help Alleviate Symptoms of Pain and Discomfort: Wearing the SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector may aid in helping with neck, back and shoulder discomfort that often arises from maintaining rounded shoulders, especially during prolonged activities such as computer usage.

  4. Versatility in Usage: Whether you are working at your desk, driving, partaking in sports, gardening, doing household chores, or simply lounging in front of the TV, the SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector is adaptable for use at any time.

  5. Practical and User-Friendly Design: Crafted with lightweight neoprene, the posture corrector ensures comfortable wear both over and under clothing. Additionally, its design allows for easy self-adjustment, letting users correct their posture throughout the day without any hassle.

  6. Progressive Training for Muscle Memory: Designed for daily wear, it starts with short intervals of 10-20 minutes on initial days, incrementing the duration gradually. This regimen aids the back and shoulders in adjusting slowly, fostering muscle memory for maintaining the correct posture naturally.

  7. Subtle and Discreet Wear: With its nearly invisible design when worn beneath shirts, users can wear it throughout the day, retraining their posture without drawing unnecessary attention.

  8. Customizable Fit: Available in four different sizes, our posture corrector is designed to accommodate a broad range of users. Its adjustability features ensure a snug and effective fit for diverse body types and chest circumferences.

  9. Confidence Boost as a Result of Improved StatureImproved stature refers to an individual's enhanced physical posture. While 'stature' can allude to a person's height, it primarily describes how one stands or carries themselves. Using our posture corrector, an individual's alignment — how they stand, sit, and move — should noticeably refine, leading to a more upright, confident, and self-assured appearance.

  10. Breathable, Comfortable, and Durable Material: Engineered with precision-perforated holes, our advanced neoprene padded material promotes optimal breathability. Our innovative design not only ensures day-long comfort but also ensures long term durability. It's resilient to the daily wear and tear while ensuring users benefit from its posture-correcting properties.


    3. What type of material is the posture corrector made from?



    4. Are there any possible allergies?

    Please do not use product if you are allergic to Neoprene.


    5. Can I wear my SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector beneath or atop my clothing?

    Absolutely. The SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector is meticulously designed to be lightweight and padded, ensuring maximum comfort. It can be seamlessly worn either under or over your attire. Notably, when worn beneath a shirt, its discreet design makes it virtually undetectable.  Please note that to avoid having to wash it more frequently due to perspiration, it may be better to wear over an undergarment rather than directly on skin.


    6. How long daily should I wear my SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector?

    The duration you should wear your SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector varies from person to person, depending on your personal comfort levels and individual lifestyle. Remember, every person is unique and it's crucial to find a balance that suits you.

    Initially, it is recommended to wear the posture corrector for no more than 10-20 minutes a day during the first week. This allows your back and shoulders to gently adjust to proper alignment. After this period, you can increase the wearing time by 10 minutes daily, each person according to their own comfort level.

    Some users may eventually opt to wear it all day, while others may choose to wear it only during specific activities or for shorter durations of time. Retraining proper posture is a gradual process that demands patience. It's essential not to rush, allowing your back and shoulders time to adapt gently. Over time, this practice helps develop muscle memory to support and maintain correct alignment. The goal is to let your body naturally adjust and foster a consistent habit of good posture.


    7. How do I take care of my SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector?

    To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your SpiderGenix™ Posture Corrector, please adhere to these care instructions:

    • Hand wash only in cold water.  Do not use hot water.
    • Do not wash in a washing machine.
    • Do not use bleach.
    • Hang to dry only.  Do not dry in an electric dryer.
    • To avoid having to wash it more frequently due to perspiration, it may be better to wear over an undergarment rather than directly on skin.

    By following these guidelines, you'll maintain the quality and performance of your posture corrector for an extended period.


    8. Which size should I choose? 

    The sizes and weights shown below are approximate.

    Please note that "shoulder width" size maybe a more accurate measurement than "weight" size.  To measure your "shoulder width" size, place a measuring tape on on your back, and measure the distance from your right shoulder to your left shoulder.  If you don't have a measuring tape available, you may choose the proper size based on your weight.

    If in doubt which size to choose because you're in between sizes, choose the larger size, as the straps are adjustable.


     Size Small (S) -

    Size fit

    Suitable for shoulder width:  11"-15" | 28-37cm

    Suitable weight:                     44-88lb | 20-40kg


     Size Medium (M) -

    Size fit

    Suitable for shoulder width:  13"-18" | 33-46cm

    Suitable weight:                     88-132lb | 40-60kg


     Size Large (L) -

    Size fit

    Suitable for shoulder width:  16"-21" | 40-54cm

    Suitable weight:                    132-198lb | 60-90kg


     Size Extra Large (XL) -

    Size fit

    Suitable for shoulder width:  20"-24" | 50-60cm

    Suitable weight:                    198-243lb | 90-110kg 


    9. What are the actual dimensions (specifications) of the posture corrector?

    The dimensions (specifications) shown below are approximate.


     Size Small (S) -

     Specifications of Product

    Back length:                          8" | 20cm

    Shoulder strap length:           9" | 24cm

    Adjust the belt length:          15" | 38cm


    Size Medium (M) -

     Specifications of Product

    Back length:                          8" | 20cm

    Shoulder strap length:          11" | 29cm

    Adjust the belt length:          19" | 48cm


    Size Large (L) -

     Specifications of Product

    Back length:                          8" | 20cm

    Shoulder strap length:          15" | 38cm

    Adjust the belt length:           22" | 57cm


    Size Extra Large (XL) -

     Specifications of Product

    Back length:                          8" | 20cm

    Shoulder strap length:          15" | 38cm

    Adjust the belt length:           26" | 67cm


    10. Do I need to have an account to order?

    No, you're not required to have an account to place an order; you can proceed as a guest. However, creating an account offers several advantages:

    • Expedited checkout process.
    • Convenient access to your order status and history.
    • Exclusive updates on our latest releases and special promotions.
    • Opportunities for future discounts.

      11. What payment methods do you accept?

      We accept all major credit and debit cards, including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. Additionally, we also accept payments through Amazon and PayPal.


      12. How secure is my online order?

        When purchasing online using your credit card, all of your information is entered into an SSL secure web page. Your information is then SSL-encrypted and sent directly to our credit card provider's network, where your card and transaction is authorized and approved. Your credit card information is not stored on our servers.


        13. Are there any exchange rates?

        All our transactions are conducted in USD. If your credit card uses a different currency, the total cost of your order will be calculated in accordance with the exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction.



        Disclaimer: This content is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical care, advice, or treatment. Always consult your healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.